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The Team

Who We Are

CBK Pros, LLC was founded by Flor Escudero, CPA. Flor always dreamed of owning her own business. After spending 15 years in the tax and accounting industry, Flor decided to form her own company, CBK Pros, LLC. Now CBK Pros, LLC has become a team of intelligent and very driven individuals that are eager to help their clients take their business to the next level. CBK's focus is to help small-to-medium size businesses improve their business processes and efficiencies by providing them with the best accounting and business tools in their industry.


Diana Gonzalez

Accounting Manager

Diana has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Iowa State University and has four years of experience in the private and public accounting industry. Diana has very strong accounting skills and is very passionate about her work. She puts her clients first and is always on top of everything. Diana's professionalism and responsiveness gives clients a great piece of mind. 


Flor Escudero

Founder & CEO

Flor Escudero  is the founder & CEO of CBK Pros, LLC. Flor is a CPA and has 15 years of experience in the accounting, tax and advisory service field. Flor enjoys working closely with her clients and helping them organize their books, strategize, and build strong business relationships to help grow their company. Her years of experience in the field and innovative mindset allow her to develop new strategies and provide clients with the tools necessary to run their businesses.


Claudia Villalba

Accounting Associate

Claudia has a Bachelor's degree in Law from UNFV in Lima, Peru. Claudia has many years of experience in the customer service and administrative field. Claudia is a great communicator and pays great attention to detail. She is also a great team player and is always eager to bring all her talents and enthusiasm to her work. 

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